The new Nevada ag. license plate now available

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Proceeds benefit Nevada FFA Foundation and the Buy Nevada program  he Nevada Department of Agriculture and Nevada FFA announced today that the new Nevada agriculture license plate is available for sale from the Department of Motor Vehicles starting Monday, July 14, 2014. “The FFA Foundation redesigned the plate to reflect the breadth of the agriculture industry’s contribution to the state … Read More

New Powder Plant Offers Possibilities: Fallon’s DFA operation jump-starts Churchill County agriculture

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By Jessica Fagundes “In 2008, the California Advisory Board came out with a marketing plan program called the Real California Seal and that pushed our milk out of three or four plants that we could no longer ship to, which made it hard to find a home for our milk,” says Ted Christoph, farm manager at Liberty Jersey Farm Inc. … Read More

Supporting GMOs: Our Perspective on Genetic Modification

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By James “Hank” Combs, President of Nevada Farm Bureau Federation One of the recent hot topics in the political community is labeling of products containing genetically modified organisms also known as GMOs. I’d like to take use of this month’s column to discuss GMOs, the misconceptions surrounding this form of agriculture and the negative effect labeling these products would have … Read More

Sagebrush Ecosystem Council: The Future of the Nevada Rancher

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By Jessica Fagundes The greater sage-grouse are large-winged, ground-dwelling birds with brown and black feathers and a white underbelly. If you live in northern Nevada, you may have seen these birds eating sagebrush on the rangeland. What you may not know though is that these small birds could determine the future of Nevada ranching because their listing as an endangered … Read More

Discounts on Polaris off-road vehicles offered to Nevada Farm Bureau members

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Nevada Farm Bureau is pleased to announce a new FB Member Advantage! program with Polaris Industries Inc. The new program gives Nevada Farm Bureau members a discount on Polaris utility and sport vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and GEM electric vehicles. “This generous special purchase program from Polaris will help our members save money on high-quality, off-terrain vehicles that can stand up … Read More

Farming isn’t secret anymore nor should it be

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By Jessica Fagundes, Nevada Farm Bureau Director of Communications “What happened on the farm stayed on the farm.” This statement may have been true fifty years ago. But, in the busy world full of smart phones and cameras, farm secrets are pretty hard to come by. This was the premise posed by Jayson Lusk, a professor at Oklahoma State University, … Read More

2014 YF&R Discussion Meet Resources Available

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Resources are now available for the 2014 Nevada Farm Bureau YF&R Discussion Meet, which will be held during the annual meeting on November 14 and 15, 2014. Click here to download the 2014 YF&R Discussion Meet questions from American Farm Bureau and click here to download the resource guide with additional information regarding the topics. To help competitors prepare for state … Read More

Churchill County Farm Bureau invites all members to annual picnic

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Churchill County Farm Bureau would like to extend our invitation for this year’s annual picnic to all Nevada Farm Bureau voting members and their families. WHAT: Churchill County Farm Bureau Annual Summer Barbecue WHEN: July 19, 2014 at 4 p.m. WHERE: 3975 Reno Highway, Fallon, NV 89406, Hosted at the home of Norm and Sue Frey PLEASE BRING: Your favorite side … Read More

It’s Time to Ditch the Rule

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Puddles, ponds, ditches, ephemerals (land that looks like a small stream during heavy rain but isn’t wet most of the time) and isolated wetlands dot the nation’s farmland. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) on March 25 issued a proposed rule that would expand its regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act … Read More