The Census of Agriculture is Your Voice, Your Future, Your Opportunity

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Nevada’s farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to make a positive impact on their operations and communities by taking part in the Census of Agriculture. Conducted every five years by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the census captures a complete count of all U.S. farms and ranches and those who operate them. Nevada farmers help to feed the U.S. in the face of multiple natural disasters and other challenges, making the implications of this year’s census more important than ever. With so much at stake, we want every farmer to be represented in this vital dataset.

The census also helps tell the whole story of U.S. agriculture. Without the information collected, we wouldn’t know that 3.3 million farmers in the United States, only one percent of our total population, provide food, fuel, feed and fiber to the other 99 percent. That is a huge task and we know that farmers are stepping up to the challenge because the data tell us that our nation’s agriculture is growing. In Nevada alone, the value of agricultural products increased 49 percent from 2007 to 2012.

The last census counted more than 2 million farms and ranches in the United States spanning more than 914 million acres. All total, those farms produced 2.9 billion bushels of soybeans, $76.4 billion in cattle and calve sales, and $42.8 billion in egg and poultry sales.

We ask you to talk to fellow producers in your county about this critical effort. Your answers to the census help grow your farm’s future, shape farm programs, and boost services for you, your community and your industry.

Census of Agriculture questionnaires mailed out in December and responses are due by February 5, 2018. Producers are highly encouraged to complete their forms online. New and improved this year, the online census form is convenient and dynamic – you can access it on any electronic device. It’s user-friendly, calculates totals automatically and skips questions that do not pertain to your operation. This new online census form saves time and effort.

The Census of Agriculture is Your Voice, Your Future, Your Opportunity. For more information about the census, visit or call 1-800-4AG-STAT (1-888-424-7828).