TV Production Company looking for a Farming Family

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American Farmer, which will air on a major cable network and is from the producers of “Deadliest Catch.” The producers are interested in producing a documentary-type series that illustrates the dynamics of five family farm businesses. More specifically:

“We would love to feature family farms, as the new series will put viewers on the front lines of how farmers produce the food that sustains us all. It’s a story of family dynamics, punishing weather, cutting-edge science and old-school determination. The series will capture epic life-cycle imagery and puts it at the service of telling the stories farming families and their daily quest to put food on all of our tables. The series will show farmers in a positive light and would also give their farm full exposure to a nationwide audience.”

Contact Joe Pinzone ( or 914-885-4612) at the production company BoBCat Studios if you are interested in being considered for the series. Initial interviews of qualified candidates will be conducted via Skype to narrow the applicant pool down to five.

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